Adventurer Workshop


Our Adventurer Workshops help your team create a shared vision for a project, a team or for your business.

Uniting a team around a shared vision is another powerful application of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology. This might be something as simple as defining a desired outcome on a project, or it could be as far reaching as setting your 2040 corporate vision.

Through a series of challenges we will help your team build a clear understanding of where you are today and will then guide you through a series of thought-experiments to help you to define where you could be. As a team you will then work together, under the guidance of a trained facilitator, to combine your varied perspectives into a coherent, unified vision of what success looks like for the team.

This shared vision is extremely powerful as it is developed from the individual perspectives of every member in the team. By the end of the workshop the team have a shared model that each person feels ownership of because they have, in some way, contributed to what that vision represents. This means they develop a far deeper commitment to what the vision means to them personally, which helps them deliver that vision back in your business.

The workshop experience will be custom designed by an accredited LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator to help your team define a unique, powerful and collaborative vision for your team’s future. To find out more about the process for developing a custom workshop for your team, read more here.

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“An unexpected and innovative way to approach a workshop.  LSP brings you out of your comfort zone within a safe environment and enables you to unleash your inner creativity to come up with ideas you may not otherwise have considered.  Great for bringing a team together to approach a challenge or issue where the answer is not a simple one.” – Marketer, 2016