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Your Business Is Unique.
Which Is Why Our Workshops Are Unique

We know that your business challenges are unique and that first and foremost those challenges need to be overcome. Our workshops are designed specifically to your challenges. Whether that is Team Building, Creative Problem Solving, Strategic Planning or any other problems. Our Lego Serious Play Workshops are extremely versatile.

There are a huge range of challenges that the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method is designed to solve and all of our workshops are custom designed for your business and the specific goal you need your team to achieve. Broadly we can help you with four different goals:

SPW_BRICK_YELLOWInnovation: Generating new solutions to complex challenges. Find out more about our Inventor Workshop here.

SPW_BRICK_ORANGEVision: Uniting a team around a common goal or vision. Find out more about our Adventurer Workshop here.

SPW_BRICK_LIGHT_BLUEInsight: Building deeper and broader understanding of a challenge or strategy. Find out more about our Explorer Workshop here.

SPW_BRICK_PINKStrategy: Preparing a team to deliver a solution in a complex, unpredictable environment. Find out more about our Navigator Workshop here.

Bespoke Workshops To Solve Your Challenges

Your team might require an experience that combines all of the workshop styles detailed above. You might require something that’s never been done before. Regardless, we only initiate projects that we are certain will deliver what your team needs and we take great care in custom crafting a workshop experience that is tailored to your team.

Your workshop experience will be custom designed by an accredited LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator based on the specific goals your team is tasked with achieving. The process we go through is designed to make our workshop as relevant as possible to your needs.

Brief: After you’ve sent us your enquiry via the contact form we’ll setup a call to discuss your brief in more detail. On the call, one of our accredited LSP facilitators will help you decide if LSP is appropriate for your needs.

Proposal: If we are both happy that LSP can achieve what you need, we will then develop a custom proposal for your business. Typically this will take 3-5 days.

Demo: Sometimes our clients need to get others in their organisation bought-into the approach before the project gets the green light. In these circumstances we can agree to do a short taster session (1 hour) that will help others in your team appreciate why LEGO SERIOUS PLAY delivers unique results and is the right way to address your specific brief .

Approval: Once you approve we typically need 10-14 days preparation time ahead of your workshop.

Workshop: The workshop can be held at Longbarn Village, our countryside LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facility in sunny Stratford Upon Avon, or we can hold the workshop at a location of your choice. Workshops run for anywhere between 3 hours and one full day, depending on the needs of the brief. If you do choose to hold your event at Longbarn, we have ample parking and provide excellent catering throughout the day. All of our workshops are delivered by an accredited LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator. The workshop itself will comprise of a series of “challenges”. Each challenge is specifically designed to help your team tackle your brief from a new angle. Each challenge takes the group deeper into the root of the issue until a solution is discovered.

For pricing and a summary of our workshops Click Here To Download Our PDF Brochure

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 I need to generate fresh thinking and new solutions
 I need to unite my team around a shared vision
 I need to build a deeper understanding of a challenge or issue
 I need to prepare my team for a challenging road ahead