Explorer Workshop


Our Explorer Workshops help teams get a birds-eye view of the outcome they need to create as well as the landscape they will have to negotiate to get there.

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Creating deeper understanding within a group around a challenge or a strategy is another highly valuable application of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method. Allowing teams to explore the complexity and nuances of the challenge at hand prepares them to address that challenge back in the real world.

Our Explorer Workshops allows teams to get a birds-eye view of their current situation, a clear picture of where they need to get to and a deep appreciation of the factors that will enable or block progress. In fact we go even deeper, we help the team visualise how all of these factors connect and relate, allowing your team to develop new depths of understanding of the landscape they need to operate within. The models we build will serve as a shared point of reference for your team, creating a short hand that can be taken back into your business to help inspire future discussions and planning sessions.

The workshop experience will be custom designed by an accredited LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator to help your team deliver new levels of insight and understanding around a business challenge you face. To find out more about the process for developing a custom workshop for your team, Read More Here.


“LEGO Serious Play is something everyone finds intriguing I think. How can LEGO help businesses make better decisions? It’s just LEGO. It’s an immersive experience, really testing your mind and lifts you out of your comfort zone when you can’t think clearly. In these situations you’re told to ‘just build’ – let your hands do the talking. As hard as it is, it works. It’s fascinating seeing subconscious thoughts come together across a group of individuals in the form of coloured plastic bricks. For any business planning that requires key stakeholders to all have their say – there is no better or more productive way than LEGO Serious Play. It is a rollercoaster of excitement, discovery, challenge and reward.” – Business Owner, 2016