Navigator Workshop


Our Navigator Workshops prepare teams for real-time problem solving by helping them test their assumptions, strategies and tactics in a sandbox environment.

In complex environments the traditional model of planning breaks down pretty quickly. We all know the drill. You spend weeks building a plan only to find that within days of launching, you realise that some of the assumptions were off the mark or perhaps some of the stakeholders didn’t quite behave as expected. The result is a lot of wasted planning time and a goal that is still sat static on the horizon.

Our Navigator Workshop uses the most powerful LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® application, a dynamic form of strategic planning called Real-Time Strategy. By contrast this process is much closer to an agile method of strategic planning where we plan and then test, plan and test and repeat this process until we have a deeper understanding of how our environment reacts to different tactics. Doing this using models allows for rapid “what if” scenario testing that leads to deeper understanding of the strategy, challenges and how best to drive team behaviours to achieve the desired goal. Typically these workshops take between one and two days.

This workshop involves a team developing:

SPW_BRICK_GREENA shared appreciation of their current state and a shared vision of where they need to get to as a team

SPW_BRICK_PURPLEA birds eye view of all of the different factors that will impact the team achieving their future state (internal, external, macro and micro).

SPW_BRICK_YELLOWA clear understanding of how these factors relate, connect and impact one another to form a ‘system’

SPW_BRICK_BLUEOpportunities to play “what if?” scenarios to see what happens when events happen in the system.

SPW_BRICK_ORANGEThis allows the team to develop experience of executing the strategy and testing tactics in a low-risk, no-fail, quick feedback environment.

SPW_BRICK_LIGHT_BLUEThis accelerates team learning and creates muscle memory that can be taken back out into the real world.

SPW_BRICK_PINKAfter playing a variety of what if scenarios, we reflect back on any guiding principles we can take away from the experience and use these to guide team behaviour back in the real-world.

Your workshop experience will be custom designed by an accreditedLEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator based on the specific goals your team is tasked with achieving. To find out more about the process for developing a custom workshop for your team, Read More Here.

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