Simplified Strategic Planning

LEGO Serious Play allows for a form of simplified strategic planning unlike anything every seen before.

It is often a comment made by groups going in for simplified strategic planning that in the past it had been made far more complex than it needs to be. Strategic sessions have become monotonous, difficult to structure, or even completely ineffective due to differing personalities within the group. By introducing a different element, LEGO, LEGO Serious Play bypasses these problems to create something completely unique.

Through using LEGO it is possible to create planning sessions that go above and beyond, unleashing the potential of everyone within the room. No one is left behind; no one is permitted to back out. Instead it creates an atmosphere that nourishes ideas based on their own individual merit.

By initiating simplified strategic planning sessions it is possible to unlock the best aspects of your team to create a solution that is truly unique and special. When every member of the team takes part it is possible to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

LEGO Serious Play lends itself towards this kind of thinking, allowing for new approaches to be recognised, new ways of solving problems, and an engaging way to not only bring the team together but create a strategic plan.

Great strategy does not come easily, but with simplified strategic planning it is possible for it to become far more natural. Through one session, on one day, it is more than possible to create a brand new way of looking at the world. It is possible to create an environment that nourishes every member of the team instead of leaving people behind.

Avoid the stereotypical planning session by not adhering to the preconceived notions of what works and what doesn’t. Try everything, unleash the inner child of every member of your team and nurture it to ensure that everyone gets their say in a non-judgemental form, making the most out of every single person in the group.