Strategic Planning

LEGO Serious Play enables strategic planning sessions of a whole new kind to arise out of shared imaginative experience. It is designed with exploring and preparing in mind. That is, exploring ideas and preparing solutions.

Strategic planning sessions come in all shapes and sizes. In the past they have often taken the form of a group of people sat around a table, sharing ideas. This is known as the 20/80 method as, the majority of the time, 20% of the people do 80% of the talking. Needless to say, this is ineffective and means a company is wasting a large percentage of their assets.

Well-organised strategic planning sessions can make all the difference for a company. LEGO Series Play works on a premise that everyone has to contribute. There is no such thing as someone sitting idly by or wanting to pass for the next person to intervene. Instead it insists that everyone has a valid opinion, and ideas are explored rather than the person who thought of them judged. This creates a fair and productive environment where every participant needs to get involved.

LEGO Serious Play offers a structure to strategic planning sessions that allows for creation and reflection. It allows for solution generation within a secure environment that nurtures ideas based on their value as opposed with who came up with them.

As fun as it may sound, LEGO Serious Play strategic planning sessions have a firm basis in science and philosophy. They use notions of constructionism mixed with the shared experience of play to ensure they get the best out of people.

Their basis in psychology ensures that solutions are explored, reflected on, and made memorable. It is this that truly makes LEGO Serious Play a method that drives results.

Strategic planning sessions are not easy to orchestrate, however, the LEGO Serious Play method encourages a session format that benefits everyone involved. Through uniting the team, through making physical representations of great solutions, it is possible for the business to benefit hugely from the method.

Why should I use LEGO to develop a Strategic Plan?

The versatility of LEGO Serious Play (LSP) as a tool makes it ideal for strategic planning. LSP, as a concept, ensures that ideas are fully explored. It makes sure there is space for everyone to have their say about how they think a strategy should work. It enables group discussion on a level that is difficult to ascertain with in a traditional “lean out” kind of meeting.

The reason behind this is due to the superb process that lies behind LSP as an idea.

First is the brief. This is where an point for discussion is raised. What is it you want to achieve with LEGO Serious Play. This could be any problem, however, LSP seriously shines when the solution to the problem is difficult to ascertain.

Next, everyone builds what they believe is a metaphoric representation of the solution to the problem. That representation could be anything, but everyone has to build. No-one is allowed to “sit this one out” but instead everyone needs to have so idea, even if they start off just building and let the ideas flow from there.

After that comes reflection. Reflection on the task, reflection on the response to the task, reflection on what the task could have thrown up into the air. What does your model mean to you?

Finally, everything comes together. Potential strategies are discussed. All models are explored and the strategy comes together.

How does this work?

By having 100% of people contribute LSP can unlock the full potential of the team, no matter what industry they are in.

Everyone can contribute, and thus the strategy benefits from everyone’s expertise in one room. There is no such thing as a “lean out” meeting with LEGO Serious Play.

To find out more, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.