Teambuilding activities. When we say the phrase stereotypical exercises come to mind. Maybe it is something to do with an outdoor hike, or segways, or event planning. It is a safe bet though that it doesn’t involve LEGO, and why should it? LEGO is a child’s toy isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

Not according to companies like ICEMAR, FIRST, and the Ministry of Social Affairs. Instead of traditional Teambuilding Days they decided to use LEGO to tell their own story. They decided to invest in LEGO Serious Play.

It is widely regarded that time to play is important. For both adults and children it is important to realise that we, as humans, learn well when we are playing as opposed to just being lectured at. This is where Lego Serious Play comes into…well…play. It helps teams enjoy themselves, work collaboratively, and, most importantly, learn.

LSP (LEGO Serious Play) as a method uses a mandatory inclusion method to ensure that everyone takes part and has their say. The only rule to the day is that everyone has to build. No matter what it is – just build. Express your thoughts, your feelings, and your ideas through collaborative building.

This is one of the many reasons why LSP is considered so highly by business professionals and academics. Not only does it enable fantastic teambuilding and learning, but it also facilitates the generation of ideas. This makes LSP so much more than a teambuilding experience.

LSP is used by companies all over the world to generate ideas as well as build teams. It allows for new thoughts to be exposed and explored, giving it a real practical application in the wider world. Teambuilding sessions with LEGO Serious Play at their heart offer something far larger and more valuable to take away than just a closer team. They offer innovative thought.

Unique and useful. LEGO Serious Play has something for everyone.

What Makes LEGO Serious Play Such A Great Teambuilding Tool?

LSP is a fantastic tool for:

  • Preparing a team to deliver a solution, to any problem, in a complex, unpredictable environment. This prepares them well for any problem they may come across in the future.
  • Improving how the team tackles a problem and approaches finding a solution. It gathers the team around a common goal, improving focus.
  • Ensuring that every member of the team has their say and is heard in the wider scheme of things. It breaks down perceived boundaries between team members, ensuring that everyone has a voice, no matter what their position is.

No matter the team, no matter its size, no matter what they want to achieve – LEGO Serious Play is a proactive way of ensuring that a team is fully engaged. It bonds them together through a shared, proactive, creative experience that is sure to leave an impression on them long after the session has finished.