Workshop Plans

Creating Workshop Plans for LEGO Serious Play

Creating Workshop Plans for LEGO Serious Play could not be simpler. The whole idea revolves around four key concepts:

This starts with the proposition of a question. This will be the main problem or focus of the session, posed to create a solution. This is the workshop plan, where different people come together to forge a solution to the problem.

Through using LEGO Serious Play it is possible to create some distance between the honesty of the creations and the LEGO and the genius of the solutions it can inspire. LEGO Serious Play allows for workshop plans to be in depth and yet still allow for exploration, growth, and idealism within the same scenario.

Next is the build phase, where the participants create their own solutions. This is not a competition; there is no catching anyone out. Instead it is an exploration. It is an opportunity for everyone, individually and in groups, to create their own solution, their own free thinking towards the solution of a problem.

Once all of the models have been produced the stories behind the creations are shared amongst the participants. Why were they made? What was the thought process behind each piece? Each model is explored in some depth. This includes explaining the thought process behind each creation, why certain pieces are constructed the way that they are, and why the participant decided to focus on the aspect they focused on. What is it each piece of LEGO represents?

These workshop plans are flexible and offer a room for the participants to explore their inner most thoughts within the constructive environment encouraging freethinking within a Serious Play (and seriously playful) environment.

How Does This Work?

LEGO Serious Play works because it forces everyone to participate in the development of an idea or concept. By ensuring everyone takes part it is possible to develop a truly holistic and well rounded solution. The LEGO is a tool for ensuring that every voice is heard, that everyone has participated, and that everyone has contributed for the good of the group.

LEGO breaks down barriers between people, positions, and distance between groups. It create a voice for those who usually find it hard to contribute and forces everyone to listen. This is why it is such a fantastic tool for workshop planning.

To make the most out of LEGO Serious Play as a tool it is a good idea to hire an LSP Facilitator. Their task is not to advise, but rather allow for all of the group to benefit from the task ahead of them. A facilitator allows for those who need to benefit from the workshop to focus on what they have to contribute to the session. It frees them from the constraints of having to run the session and thus they can focus 100% on the task at hand.